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Weigl Law

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This Is Not Your Father’s Law Firm.

WeIGL LAW IS a St. Louis based law firm.

We’re not your father's law firm. This isN’t a lawyer-focused ​firm. Ego doesn't have a place in OUR practice. your story is ​our central focus throughout the case.

We're here to listen so that you can be heard when it ​matters.

This firm is here for you and because of you.

eigl Law

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Our Team

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Krystal Weigl

Managing Partner

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved to debate. Not for argument's ​sake; always for speaking up for the kids who couldn't. At four years old, she was ​“Star of the Week” at Professor Bear’s Daycare. Her favorite color was purple, ​favorite food was strawberry, and she wanted to be a lawyer. She was a Grade A, ​Type A, preschooler on a mission.

For me, starting out as a licensed attorney was a dream come true. Opportunities ​appeared magically and I found myself in the very spaces where debate was ​encouraged and even admired. I tried my hand at speaking up in these places. ​Advocating was encouraged, as long as it was done the same way it had always ​been done. More importantly, the advocating needed to be about the same things ​it had always been about and for the same people.

While some spaces left a bad taste, others showed just how life changing ​advocating could be for the people around us. None was bitter enough to spoil ​that intuitive sense of standing up and showing up for what's right. Some things ​just don’t change.

There is something else that has stayed the same; my favorite movie, The Lorax. ​A mantra that's served as a guiding light since, “Unless someone like you cares a ​whole awful lot, it’s not going to get better. It’s not.”

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Luke Jackson

Litigation Partner

Luke is a lifelong St. Louisan, an Air Force veteran, and the proud father of ​two kids. Prior to joining Weigl Law, Luke gained practical legal ​experience as an attorney at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner and Lewis Rice. ​Luke practices complex commercial litigation in a variety of legal fields, ​including securities and investments, labor and employment, and ​property law. Over his career, Luke has worked on behalf of clients ​ranging from Fortune 100 companies, to individual Saint Louis residents.

Luke and his wife are also co-owners of several small businesses located ​here in Saint Louis. The combination of extensive business experience ​with commercial legal expertise makes Luke especially effective at ​advising and advocating for his fellow entrepreneurs.

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Alfons Weigl, III


My first job was for a heating and cooling company that our grandfather ​started in 1964. I've learned the ins and outs of family businesses first hand. ​I know construction well and that comes in handy more often than you ​might think. Especially when clients find themselves in a dispute with a ​contractor or contractors struggle with demanding clients.

I'm a student of screenwriting; an area that's been a passion of mine for ​years. I never thought of myself as a writer but I really enjoy telling stories ​and creating a narrative. This skill that lends itself nicely when I need to tell ​your story and paint the narrative. The best way I know to help a client is to ​let others - in and out of court - share the experience through hearing their ​story.

Weigl Law is where I use my (practically genetic) knowledge of construction ​and family business, with my love of writing and it is just right.

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Olivia Weigl

Practice Manager

I am a "prematurely retired" teacher as of May 2023. I ​got my bachelor's from SLU and my master's from ​UMSL. First, I worked as a researcher in one of SLU's ​plant science labs, but I decided that it was not ​stimulating enough. Second, I taught at Riverview ​Gardens High School for five years, until it became ​very overwhelming. Now I work in the family ​business and it is just right! My unique problem-​solving skills and incredible organization skills that I ​learned through research/teaching made sure that I ​earned my spot on the team.

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Practice Areas

Weigl Law represents people who find themselves on the wrong side of an ​unfair situation. Sometimes we work to represent business owners. Other ​times we represent individuals. Every time, we pursue fairness and equity.

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Labor & Employment

We specialize in navigating the complexities of labor and ​employment law. With a keen understanding of both ​federal and state regulations, we provide expert guidance ​on issues ranging from workplace discrimination and ​harassment to wage and hour disputes. Committed to ​advocating for the rights of both employers and ​employees, we offer personalized legal strategies to ​effectively resolve conflicts and ensure compliance with all ​labor laws. Whether you're facing an employment dispute ​or seeking preventative advice, we are here to help you ​navigate the intricacies of the workplace legal landscape.

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Commercial Litigation

We excel in the challenging realm of commercial litigation. ​Our expertise encompasses the intricate aspects of business ​law, with a focus on both federal and state legal frameworks. ​We offer seasoned counsel on a variety of issues, including ​breach of contract, shareholder disputes, and intellectual ​property conflicts. Dedicated to representing the interests of ​both businesses and individuals, we craft tailored legal ​approaches to efficiently settle disputes and uphold ​commercial rights. Whether you're grappling with a complex ​legal battle or seeking proactive advice to avert future ​issues, we are equipped to guide you through the intricacies ​of the commercial legal environment.

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